Kalte Heimat

Was heißt woher?

I opened two kiosks to sell cloths. T-shirts, Hosen, all that. And those were the things I did for the last few years before I got into trouble with some very hostile people. It was, 25th, actually 25th. I thought I get enough of it. And then I had to run. So I came to Germany. And I said ok fine! It feels like: Whatever comes, pick it. If it’s good – fine! If it’s bad – try live with it and accept it!

Just stay alive! That was the idea. Stay alive! Whatever way, stay alive!

It was fair. Coming from the background which I just passed through – it was like very friendly for me. Even if someone just say: Go there! That was friendly for me! That was friendly enough for me. Because at that point I was, I was, I would say I was really traumatized. My family, my friends, everything … my quiet life. Everything just like … I had this pain.

He said: „Ok, you can actually seek asylum.“ That was the first time I heard about asylum.

Well, I’m just coming. Beside I didn’t plan to be here. It was never in my mind. If you ask me in 2016 maybe january, february. Like you’ll be in Deutschland? I say: Come on! It’s not even in my plan!

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